Jehad Choate

composer and sound designer

Okay... I am going to level with you. I can't stand writing in third person anymore. But, I seem bounded by it in a strange attempt to be professional. But, I entertain... or I at least help people entertain. From one human to another, there is not enough cliches out there for me to even remotely describe my musicianship and deeply rooted love for art and artists. So, you're just going to have to trust me when I say I want to write for you, who ever you may be. Maybe you are a director in need of a sweet theme, or an ensemble with a thirst for groove. Or maybe you are someone who wants to hear something to reflect their feelings or even cleanse their musical palate. Which ever the case... I got you.

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Latest Track

What Am I up to? This is the newest music I have independently released. Feel free to enjoy these sounds as you peruse through my site. 

Latest News

What kind of millennial composer would I be if I didn't document my thoughts into a blog? Check my latest posts about being a composer, a California transplant, working on films, and other Jehad things that I get myself into. 

Sound Guy Story: Russian Roulette

A couple months ago, I had the unique opportunity to work on a horror short with a simple premise that would rely heavily on sound production. Usually, I would tell you the story of how I learned how to use…

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The hardest part about “coming up” in your industry is trying to find skill-specific work that is beneficial to both yourself and the people who hire you. Realistically, you are not going to find the ideal career in the daily…

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REAL Sound Operating

I have been a boom operator in a handful of projects since I moved to California. It’s the most physical form of expression as a sound guy in film, and it allows you the opportunity to meet great people and…

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The First Year is the Hardest

All of my friends who have built a foundation in Southern California have pretty much sang the same song to me. It has only been eleven months, and aside from the glorious amounts of rejection I’ve received occupationally in the…

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Be A Patron of the Arts

The hardest part about being a composer is the financial strain of wondering where your next paycheck is going to materialize. Along with striving to create the best kind of art for people, it is a constant swim upstream to maintain approachability, timely execution, while paying bills. Think of this as a tip jar, every little bit helps.