A Man Eclipsed (2020)  Directed by: Mico Montes  

A man has a cathartic moment when he witnesses the destruction of his home in a powerful blaze.  

This was a solely post-production project for me. I did the sound design and foley of the fiery house, and recorded Torrey's voice over. As for the music, his soliloquy built in intensity like the slow but intense burn, so I mostly made textural pads until the very end where it welcomes a sort of primordial tribal resolution.


Eve of the Eucharist (2021)  Directed by: Mico Montes 

An unsuspecting jogger tries to help what he thinks is a suicidal woman, but ends up being much… much… more. 

Feel My Pain is more of a textural piece, made to enhance the psychological nature of the voice over. There is no melodic content, and uses different degrees of string techniques and dissonance to build tension.

West World Scoring Competition Entry (2020)  Created By: Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan

This is my entry for the Spitfire/HBO scoring competition for an Episode of WestWorld. This was in no way commissioned by HBO or Westworld producers. It follows a high action car chase scene while one of the characters is under the influence of a drug called "Genre" which makes him live out different movie genres in the real world. 

The Case (2021)  Directed by: Christopher Brown 

A short noir that follows a boozy gumshoe as he tries to retrace the steps he made last night that made him lose his girl.

Rumshoe cue is a bouncy jazz tune, made to depict the ignorant bliss of a drunk in his own head.

Looking For Frank (2020)  Directed by: Bron Theron

A short noir about a detective searching for an unlikely subject. 

A F'ing Cat Cue: I wanted the music to be bouncy and jazzy, but with comedic beats. I described my style in this as "The Naked Gun" meets Debussy. 

Table Manners (2020)  Directed by: Christopher Brown 

The sacrifices a family has made to bring food on the table. 

Grace Cue: I wrote to signify the intimate nature of a family dinner, which is why I used a solo piano, but harmonically it signals the demeanor of every individual at the table. It explores a naive and innocent, the broken, the grateful, and the shameful under a recurring theme of sacrifice.

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