West World Scoring Competition Entry (2020)  Created By: Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan

This is my entry for the Spitfire/HBO scoring competition for an Episode of WestWorld. This was in no way commissioned by HBO or Westworld producers. It follows a high action car chase scene while one of the characters is under the influence of a drug called "Genre" which makes him live out different movie genres in the real world. 



Looking For Frank (2020)  Directed by: Bron Theron

A short noir about a detective searching for an unlikely subject. 

A F'ing Cat Cue: I wanted the music to be bouncy and jazzy, but with comedic beats. I described my style in this as "The Naked Gun" meets Debussy. 

Birth (2019)  Directed by: Mico Montes

An alien woman crawls out of the earth and discovers a lonely astronomer who helps her return to the stars before a band of nerdy conspiracy theorists can capture her.

Birth (Theme), A whimsical yet mysterious musical theme to set the tone for this science-fiction story.

Kinetic (2018) Composed By: Jehad Choate

“Kinetic” is an original piece I made showcasing music that celebrates a world in motion. Stock footage pulled from and edited by myself.

Bad Vibes (2019) Directed by: Bron Theron

A young woman anxiously follows an unidentifiable sound, while alone in her dark creepy house. 

Sometimes I scare myself, composed and orchestrated by Jehad Choate, depicts light tension followed by brief jump scares as our subject explores a room. 

All clips are used with permission from White Ninja Productions.

Bad Vibes (2019)  Directed by: Bron Theron 

A young woman anxiously follows an unidentifiable sound, while alone in her dark creepy house.  

Threnody for the Distressed, A suspenseful build meant to make Penderecki proud, introducing teeth-chattering tension as our subject faces the anxiety of the unknown with a knife.

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