Birth (2019)  Directed by: Mico Montes

An alien woman crawls out of the earth and discovers a lonely astronomer who helps her return to the stars before a band of nerdy conspiracy theorists can capture her.

Birth (Theme), A whimsical yet mysterious musical theme to set the tone for this science-fiction story.


Kinetic (2018) Composed By: Jehad Choate

“Kinetic” is an original piece I made showcasing music that celebrates a world in motion. Stock footage pulled from and edited by myself.

Bad Vibes (2019) Directed by: Bron Theron

A young woman anxiously follows an unidentifiable sound, while alone in her dark creepy house. 

Sometimes I scare myself, composed and orchestrated by Jehad Choate, depicts light tension followed by brief jump scares as our subject explores a room. 

All clips are used with permission from White Ninja Productions.

Bad Vibes (2019)  Directed by: Bron Theron 

A young woman anxiously follows an unidentifiable sound, while alone in her dark creepy house.  

Threnody for the Distressed, A suspenseful build meant to make Penderecki proud, introducing teeth-chattering tension as our subject faces the anxiety of the unknown with a knife.

Deep Blue (2018) Composed By: Jehad Choate

I composed this in honor of the biggest great white shark captured on film. I just found her mysterious and beautiful.

Marta's Dance (2019)  Directed by: Guido Orio

A humbled maid with faded dreams of being a professional ballet dancer meets a young thief who seemingly gives up on his future to survive in a world that looks down on him because of his ethnicity.

Hope for Tomorrow, composed and orchestrated by Jehad Choate, shows the reflective side of this film after exploring broken dreams, and political disenfranchisement, Marta makes a choice. I mixed up hints of “Le Cygne” and the “Star Spangled Banner” for thematic purposes and this leads to the full arrangement of “Le Cygne” as the ending credits theme. 
I thought about why the particular piece of “Le Cygne” was used. Translated to The Swan, it was about the idea of the “swan song”. After research, I found that ancient greeks and romans used to believe that the swan was a mute animal until its final moments of life, where it would sing the most beautiful song and then die. The act of releasing something beautiful into the world before disappearing from it was the inspiration for my cues in tone and arrangement. 
Used with permission from the Long Beach Filmmakers.

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