"I count on Jehad Choate for not only my sound engineering but also his high-quality work as a music composer. My projects would not be complete without his valuable input"”

— Bron Theron, Director


Real Acting

Sound Operator | Sound Editor | Contributing Songwriter

Created and Directed by Bron Theron, this is a mock-umentary that follows the ongoing hijinks of a community acting class. Season 1 is available to binge on Amazon, just click on the picture. Season 2 is currently in production.

Table Manners

Composer | Sound Operator | Sound Editor and Mixer

Written and Directed by Chris Brown, this is a dramatic short depicting a family's strength through sacrifice. (Currently in Post)

Birth (Teaser)

Composer | Sound Design

Written and Directed By Mico Montes, An alien woman crawls out of the earth and discovers a lonely astronomer who helps her return to the stars before a band of nerdy conspiracy theorists can capture her.

Bad Vibes

Composer | Sound Designer | Sound Operator and Mixer

Directed and Written by Bron Theron, this is a horror-suspense short.

The Flame

Contributing Composer | Sound Operator | Sound Editor and Mixer

Written by Gina Woodruff and Directed by Jake Woodruff, this is a whimsical romantic short. (Currently in Post)

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